Wendy & Joe’s Wedding Album Delivered!

Wendy and Joe are now the happy owner of their gorgeous wedding album! It is our favorite big 12×12 DESIGNER Storybook-style album. They chosed a black cover with gold writings, and it turned out beautifully!

Wendy and Joe were married in 2006, but their original studio went bankrupt shortly after a few months of their wedding. Not only they did not get their album as promised, they didn’t even receive their wedding pictures and negative files back until 2009 with the help of the State of New Jersey.

After seeing their good friends Autumn and Vern‘s gorgeous wedding pictures and album, Wendy and Joe decided to contract me to design and make their wedding album for them. I was completely heartbroken when I heard the story, and felt very honored to be able to help them to put together a great heirloom album to treasure!

Thank you, Autumn & Vern, for the referrals!

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