Tips for brides to be | plan ahead

Shelly and Anthony had their gorgeous August wedding at Bear Creek Mountain Resort.  Shelly shared her wedding planning tips:

  • Start early.  We booked everything at least a year in advance.  This gives the best choice of all of the vendors and allows time for proper planning and ordering times.
  • Be specific with vendors, specify colors, sizes, etc.  When you say red, but mean burgundy – make sure you say burgundy!
  • Create a folder for each vendor/topic.  I had a folder for my DJ, officiant, photographer, invitations, etc.  Then, put the contracts, picture inspiration, payment schedules, guest list, etc in each folder.  This keeps everything organized.
  • Finish all of your open items a week before the wedding day.  Enjoy the last week before your wedding – the time would go so fast that you wish to get it back.
  • Use the internet for inspiration – I spent hours looking at pictures, other bride ideas, etc and turned it into my own.
  • Pick a theme that interests you, not what is popular.  We love the country primitive look and decided to keep our colors to country colors, used typical country decorations as inspiration.  Our centerpieces were lanterns and our card box was a handmade birdhouse from the groom.
  • Handmade everything if you can.  We received many comments on how wonderful everything we made.  It takes a lot of time and effort but in the end, it is more than worth it.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up.  Make sure you tell your DJ what songs not to play, be specific with your baker and florists.

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