Kashmir by Cate

Some beautiful Kashmir paper products I photographed for my friend Cate. They are available at Kashmir store on Facebook – here is the website:

Our Booth at 2010 B104 Bridal Showcase

Our booth (Neusse Photography LLC) at 2010 B104 Bridal Showcase (Below: Left to right, Agnes de Neusse and Emily) Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort was my immediate neighbor; Diane was chatting to customers. It was fun to meet all our beloved fellow photographers too! Here is Jan from Essence Photography, Ryan from …

Bridal Makeup Tips for a Picture-Perfect Face

Tips from makeup artists Steve Moore of The Moore Agency in Atlanta, Deanna Rene of Scottsdale, Ariz., and photographer Holly Schumacher. Quoted from Professional Photographer magazine, March 2010 1. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. You can use your everyday makeup, but use more than you normally use every day. Many makeup professionals …