2012 Puppy Model Scouting Event Finalists

Neusse Photography LLC and Pet Pawtography by KIM have selected 7 finalists during our 2012 Puppy Model Scouting Event. Thank you so much for participating! Here are two ways to vote: (1) Send an email to Kim at PetPawtography@Aol.com with just the name (and#) of the dog you are voting …

newborn baby dog pet portraits

Eleven Babies: Bull Mastiff {Lehigh Valley Baby Photographer}

{ More at my new baby blog site at http://neussebaby.blogspot.com/ } Eleven 4-week-old pure bred baby Bull Mastiff was born to our neighbor’s (Jeff Crawford, 610-298-0062) mama dog named Sadie. These babies are so cute and full of characters! Click here for more about our pet portrait portfolio

Dog portraits: Pet Photography

Run, Cooper, fetch! Jake … Cooper and Ronnie Love, love the time spent with you guys! Therese and Chad, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your love ones – What a lovely bunch you have!

5 rotties and a pool

Besides my 3 babies, I was baby sitting 2 more Rotties (Zane and Shyanne) for the Memorial weekend. I spent the morning in the pool teaching the Zane how to get in and out of the pool. First I just pull him in. Then I work on having him trust …