PUPPY MODEL SCOUTING EVENT {Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer}

It is time to crown a new PUPPY BRIDE.

We are inviting all beautiful baby dogs to come and show off their beauty. Pet Pawtography by KIM and Neusse Photography LLC are scouting gorgeous puppies looking for the next puppy image icon. Pooch pulchritude will be celebrated. Captivating little canines of all breeds are sought. Bring them in their furry buff or dress them up, we are open to owner creativity. It can be nothing but wonderful.

All contestants will receive select image files of their puppy for Facebook, the three finalists will receive a complimentary 8” x 10” print. The winning puppy will become the feature puppy model for a special shoot in which the puppy will be photographed as a bride or groom. The winner will receive the special shoot files and an archival print of their winning puppy bride or groom.
All owners wishing to order prints of their puppies will receive a special 10% discount for supporting the search.

Simply call Kim at 484-357-3847 or email PetPawtography@Aol.com to reserve your spot. The photo-shoot will be held on the weekend of March 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Only limited spots available!

Puppy Bride by Neusse Photography LLC


{UPDATE} Click here for the finalists, and to vote for a winning dog.

{UPDATE} Click here for the winner of 2012 Puppy Model Scouting Event.


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