Nicole & Jim’s Album Delivered.

Nicole and Jim are such a great couple to work with! After all what the couple went through, I am very honored to be entrusted with the wedding photographic task and putting together the gorgeous wedding album for them.

Thank you to Nicole’s mommy for a fabulous email:

“Agnes, We are soooooooooooo thrilled with all of the pics and can’t wait to start choosing frames and getting them all up. It fills us up to relive that day and you had such a huge role in it! Whenever we are “down” we can look at our walls and muster a smile. Thank you for all of your kindness and compassion. You will always be our family photographer of choice and we look forward to more wonderful events to invite you to share with us.

All Our Best,
Sandy, Joe, Ashley, Nikki, Jim & Mom-Mom”

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