Kind Words from Veronica and Jerome

Jim Thorpe wedding by Neusse Photography LLC

Veronica and Jerome’s wedding at Jim Thorpe was one of our favorites of the 2010 year. After photographing such a wonderful day, it’s incredibly gratifying to know how happy this lovely couple is with their photos; they wrote a beautiful Thank You note!

Oh my goodness! We got our wedding album this past weekend and we are so incredibly pleased with your work. It was an emotional moment when we finally got to see all the beauty and love that you captured printed in our album.

We loved everything! But when I talk about you to people I always find myself gushing over how you put everyone at ease! You made capturing our wedding day so incredibly stress free. I also liked how you kept in contact with me, as a bride, every so often. There is a lot of planning going on in the 6-8 months before the big day and it was always comforting when you would send a “reminder” e-mail or note. It really demonstrated the value you place on your customers. And finally, we both really appreciate the way to listened to us and gave us what we wanted. We wanted a photographer who was unobtrusive (in a good way) and who would give us the somewhat traditional / slightly journalistic pictures we were looking for. Now, I doubt this is what every customer wants; some couples don’t mind holding up the ceremony if it means getting the perfect shot. The point is that you took the time to get to know us and what our desires were for our wedding day photography and you (and Kim) really did a fantastic job!

Jim Thorpe wedding by Neusse Photography LLC

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