FAQ for engagement session

{Schedule} You can schedule your engagement session with us as soon as you officially book us for your wedding. Most couple schedule their engagement sessions 3-6 months before their wedding day; it all depends on your schedule. If you are getting a custom-designed Photo Guest Book, please allow minimum of 2 months before your wedding. To schedule your e-session, please contact us and let us know your preferred season for your engagement photos.

{Props} We love props! You are welcome to bring anything as props (including your pets, cupcake, truck, scrabble) that have been a significant part of your relationships. That being said – prop is really optional in your engagement photo session. We don’t rely on prop to bring out your personality. Your personality will shine through with or without any props.

{Clothing} Anything goes with me, as long as the it looks flattering on your body. You are also welcome to bring a change of clothes.

{Other Wedding Planning Resources} Here are some of wedding blogs that I like that might be helpful in planning your wedding and figuring out what your wedding style is. Check them out!

Happy Engagement!

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