Digital Proofs vs Art Prints

All of my wedding commissions include partial, in not all, Digital Proofs from the event on a disc, while for portrait session, it is available for purchase (as “Digital Collection”) as your heart desires.

Q: What are Digital Proofs?
A: Digital Proofs are the digital image files on disc, and as seen in your online gallery. They receive level one touch up, which includes general color corrections and contrast adjustments. All digital proofs have been “developed” and are good images for your personal printing use. They are useful for backup purposes. However, Digital Proofs are NOT the images you see in our portfolio, in our albums, and on our blog. The photos we present have had extensive editing and are known as Art Prints, and available for purchase at $99 per image with license “to print for personal use only”.

Digital Proofs are used for personal keepsake purposes, sharing on your personal website (like Facebook, MySpace or personal wedding websites), or print it for your personal use only.

Q: Do I own the copyright when I receive the Digital Proofs CD?
A: No. Per US Copyright law, we own the copyright to every image we take, and copyright ownership cannot be sold to any person. You receive Digital Files of all the images on a disc and a written license to use the images for personal use only (such as making prints and other photo products, posting on your own website and your social networks) when you purchase the Digital Files on disc. The license is specific to the person purchasing the digital files only, and cannot be duplicated for others nor transfer to anyone else for commercial purposes. You do have the option to purchase additional copies of the disc from us for your family and friends. Neusse Photography is the only entity authorized to sell or distribute the images that they own.

Q: Can I see some sample images?
A: Yes, here are some examples of Digital Proof and Art Print:

digital proof versus art print

The proof includes my first level contrast and color correction. The fully retouched image (known as “Art Print”) added twinkle to the eyes, more contrast, blemish removal, skin softening, color enhancement and overall artistic touch up. All images you will see in your very own online gallery will be proofs. Any print ordered, and any image that goes into your album will be Art Print.

baby boy portrait - digital proof versus art print
baby portrait - digital proof versus art print
wedding digital proof and art print

Q: I want Art Prints look. Can you retouch ALL of them?
A: Yes, it is $99 for each image. Please allow 4 to 6 months time to complete, depending on the amount of the files.

Please email me directly and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my photographic services in general.

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