2012 Mother’s Day Sensual Session Giveaway Contest Finalists

Thank you so much for participating in our 2012 Mother’s Day Contest, we really appreciate all those who entered and submitted your thoughtful stories.

Everyone was compelling and in many ways deserving. It was hard to narrow it down to our finalists. We are truly touched by all of you!

Three finalists for this year are:
(1) Bethany
(2) DonnaMarie
(3) Megan

If you entered this year but were not a finalist, we have arranged a couple of prizes, please check your emails. We would also love for you to submit your special story again next year. If you didn’t enter this year, but are moved by the stories then we encourage you to submit your own story next year.

There are two ways to Vote:
(#1) Leave a comment at the bottom of this page or send an email to info@neussephotography.com with just the name of the person you are voting for in the subject line. Feel free to include comments with your vote; comments may be posted to the blog.

(#2) On Facebook, click “Like” under the image of the person you would like her to win.

Voting ends on Saturday, May 5th at midnight EST. The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day morning. The session can be redeemed at any of our upcoming Mini Sensual Sessions Marathons in July and October.

Finalist#1 – Bethany’s story (submitted by her husband, David Lee)
2012 Mothers Day Contest Finalists

I figure that Bethany would never write something regarding why she deserves this or that, including this contest. However, I can talk about her all day long without a second thought. So, with her approval, I’m going to enter for her.

Bethany does most things in a selfless manner. There aren’t too many times that I can think of that she has done something just for her benefit. More so, her actions are usually preceded by the thoughts of “what does this do for my family; what does this do for our future?”

While we both love our son, Micah, I know that Bethany sometimes is unhappy with her post pregnancy appearance. I know she’s beautiful, but it helps when she has the chance to see this herself. We have always loved your photography. You have an amazing eye and talent. Having Bethany receive a photo shoot, from you, and then to have her see the final pictures, will be a help to me with enhancing her self image. Plus, she loves to be involved in this style of photography, and it would be nice to have one just for her.

So, I’m attaching a photo of Bethany. This is the Bethany that she compares herself to all the time. She’s finally almost at the point of this look, and I’m overly proud of the work she’s put into this in order to get to a healthier lifestyle, not only for herself, but for Micah and myself.

Finalist#2 – DonnaMarie’s story (submitted by her daughter, Catye Quinn)
2012 Mothers Day Contest Finalists

DonnaMarie is one of the strongest women I know. She has the sort of quiet strength most of us admire and wish we could have. She is able to calm the most chaotic storm, but at the same time remain calm cool and collected. My Mom has had a rough couple of years along with my family. She lost a cousin at a very young age after a long battle with cancer. Prior to and after she also lost other family members whom she was very close to. Her faith and inner strength brought her through this with Grace. My parents also own their own business and due to some unfortunate politics they lost over 60% of the business last year. My parents were looking forward to retirement and potential to have time to relax after many years of hard work. Due to this loss in business retirement does not seem like an option anytime soon. Needless to say my Mom continues to get up everyday and care for her family. There are 6 of us total. Stephen is the oldest at 31, Matt is 29, I am 28 and Thomas is 16. Mom always puts us and our Dad first, even though we are mostly grown and independent. She is thoughtful and considerate and things of the small things like leaving a note with lunch to let us know she’s thinking of us or sending a card with a little love just because. Mom works so hard and loves her family so much and never asks for anything in return. This photo shoot would be a great way for us to show Mom how much she is loved and give her some very deserved pampering and allow her to feel like herself and enjoy herself fully for the day of the shoot and for the future. Like I said Mom always takes care of others first, but she is also learning to make her life healthier and has been working very hard at an exercise and diet plan lately so she will be sure to be healthy and around for all of us for many years to come. I’m so proud of my Mom and I hope that one day I am fortunate enough to be as great of a Mom as she is. Thank you!
P.S. The picture I’m attaching is of my Mom and her cousin BettyAnn just months before we lost BettyAnn.

Finalist#3 – Megan’s story (submitted by her friend, Jenny Thatcher)
2012 Mothers Day Contest Finalists

I would like to nominate my friend Megan Labuda for the Mother’s Day Senusal Session Giveaway. Megan is the proud mommy of an adorable little girl named Penelope. Penny was born with Down’s syndrome. There are a lot of people in this world who would have been heartbroken by having a child with Down’s syndrome, but from the minute Penny came into this world, Megan and her husband Nate saw her for the blessing that she is. Never has a child been more loved than little Penny is! Now Nate and Megan are expecting their second child, a boy, and Megan recently learned she will be on bed rest in the hospital until the baby is born (the next five weeks!) due to complications with the pregnancy. Not only is it hard being away from Nate and Penny, she is also worried about her well-being and the health of her little boy, not to mention bored out of her mind! But she does it all happily, with never a complaint or a negative word. She would do anything for her children to make sure they are happy, healthy, and loved. She is always there for anyone who needs her, and makes everyone feel special and cared for. When I think of Megan, I truly am inspired–to be a better mother, and a better person. She is just beautiful, inside and out, and so deserving of this special gift!

{UPDATE} Click here for the winner of 2012 Mother’s Day Free Sensual Session Contest.


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