A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT {Wedding Photography Testimonial}

intimate moment holding hands on back of bride under veil

“I met Agnes de Neusse at my cousin’s wedding about eight years ago. I was nowhere near the thought of marriage nor the details of hiring any of the vendors. However, since then, this one photo she took always stuck out to me. Agnes managed to capture a still moment in time. With the very chaotic customs that come with an Arabic wedding, she caught a beautiful moment of my cousin dipping his new bride to be. The lighting, the romance, the detail, that all came with just one shot, took our breaths away. From that moment, no matter the time, I knew I wanted Agnes to capture the same precious moments for my wedding … and she did!

Her contagious energy and modern ideas were just what we needed on a stressful day. She knew how to take a serious moment and spin it to fit the bride and groom she was working with. Agnes didn’t just show up on your wedding day, she prepared by asking you questions and sat with you to hold your hands throughout the entire journey.

I have come to build such a strong relationship and honored to have her for such an important milestone in our lives. She is a true artist and believer of capturing the moment but leaving you with a picture to do the speaking for you.”

~Jena + Roland

wedding rings on arabic teapot wedding decor and flower cala lilly

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